Fox Columnist on crack


After reading one of Cal Thomas’ columns on I could only come to the conclusion that the columnist in question had either undergone a lobotomy or is indeed on crack.

Since there doesn’t seem to be any major scar tissue, let’s assume the latter, he’s on crack. This could be the only logical assumption for someone who could tie unrelated things together with nonexisting facts.

Thomas: The Dutch have decriminalized most drugs and people smoke dope openly in venues set aside for the practice.

Yes, all the Dutch are drug addicts because of this now. Note drugs are still not legal in Holland, we simply condone posession of small amounts of Cannabis for personal use. Selling Cannabis is only possible from shops that suffer from very strict rules and regulations. Hard drugs are still – as they should be – illegal. Still funny to know that America has a bigger drug problem percentage wise when compared to Holland.

Thomas: Prostitutes display their wares like mannequins in department store windows.

In America they walk the streets, in Holland we like to keep them warm. There is a handful of places in Holland where this actually happens. “De Wallen” being the most famous to all tourists, and it is, mostly, a tourist attraction. Where – of course – God fearing American citizens will never be spotted, they’re all in church praying for their souls.

Thomas: All of this in a country where the Nazis murdered Ann Frank just because she was Jewish and therefore less than human.

Firstly, Anne Frank was not killed. Let alone killed in Holland. She died of typhus in April 1945, just a short while before the region of Bergen-Belsen (in Germany) was liberated. If you can’t find any arguments to prove your point, let’s move the discussion towards the holocaust, and twist the facts a bit while you’re at it. Google is only one click away, use it!

Thomas: A Dutch filmmaker was murdered last month by a radical who didn’t like a film he made criticizing Islam’s treatment of women.

Theo van Gogh might have been killed by a radical, but I doubt it’s been only for making a film that criticised Islam’s way of treating women. He’s been hounding the Islam, kicking it every time he had a chance to do so. Holland locks up their extremists, America makes theirs president.

It’s writers like this who in their stupidity give a bad name to all their people. Trying to spread their own uneducated views on things. Please do some research about the things you write about. Who are the Americans to judge any other countries internal affairs while their own country is committing war crimes all over the world?

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