I finally got my preorder of Naruto 3 in the mail yesterday. The game looks very familiar with the previous installment, the graphics look a bit smoother and the fighting feels and looks more fluent.

Since I can’t read any Japanese, decrypting the menus is already a big part of the fun for me. Naruto 2 had Naruto saying out all the options of the menu, and some keywords were said in Engrish so that way I was able to get around the menu a little bit. This version however has Sakura guiding me through the menus. She has a very different way of speaking, probably a polite form of speaking Japanese – much faster and a lot more words – so I got lost pretty much after scrolling though the menu for two times. Just blindly hitting the A button from the menu screen, takes me to battle, that’s a good move ;)

The character selection screen gave me a nice present: my favorite character of the series, Jiraiya, is already selectable from the start :D I started playing with Jiraiya who seems like a giant compared to all the other 13 and 14 year old characters. After about 15 minutes of playtime I had the privilege of fighting Uchiha Itachi, and damn does he show some brilliant moves, I can’t wait to unlock him to play with him myself :)

So far, I’m not regretting the purchase, one thing I will do is increase the difficulty level of the game so I’ll have a bit more of a challenge, the default setting proves to be a little bit on the easy side.

I’ve managed to capture bits of game footage, check the movies in the downloads section. Menu translation and Mission mode walkthrough are on the next 2 pages.

The following translations of the Menu screen and the Mission mode have been put together by Matt DelGiudice.

Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen 3 Menu Translation Guide

Version 1.0
By Matt DelGiudice (noamattd #at# hotmail $dot$ com)

Legal Statement / Copyright Statement

     This document was created, edited, proofread, maintained, and
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My FAQ. In layman's terms: This document Copyright 2004 Matthew

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     Naruto and all related trademarks and characters are
Copyright Kishimoto Masashi and TV Tokyo.

Table of Contents

- Intro
- Menu Translation
- Multiplayer handicap options
- Version History


     The following pages contain translations of GNT3's menus and
dialogue boxes. You should probably print this out or something,
as there are no helpful pictures accompanying the options as there
were in GNT2.

     The format will be as follows:

Main Menu option
"What Sakura says"
     Submenu option

Multiplayer Handicap option (Scroll color# of points)

Menu Translation

Press start at ye olde Title Screen.  After everything loads up,
you'll be on the main menu.  It starts on Single Player, this
guide goes through the options as you scroll DOWN.

1-player mode
"Hitori de asobi moudo yo!"
     One-player mode1
     Vs. Computer
     Shadow Mode
     Time Attack

"Hitori kara yonin de asobi no moudo yo!"
     Two-player cooperative
     Two-player Vs.
     4-player Vs.4
     Two-player Survival

"Mission wo konashite, story wo tanoshimu moudo yo!"
     New Game
     Mission Select

Three-Man Cell
"Suree man seru de taisen suru moudo you!"
     Vs. Computer
     Two-player Vs.2

"Waza ya combo no renshuu ga dekiru moudo yo!"

Watch Mode
"Shiai kansen ga dekiru moudo yo!"

"Kaimono ga dekiru wa!"

Omake (Bonus Stuff)
"Ironna omake ga aru wa yo!"
     Sound Test
     Ninja Profiles

"Geimu no settei ga dekiru wa!"
     Game Options
          # Rounds
          Time Limit
          Attack Power
          Stereo / Mono
          Music On / Off
          Sound Effects On / Off
     Memory Card
          Auto Save On / Off
     Default Settings

Multiplayer Handicaps

After choosing your characters (and teams, in 4-player mode), you'll be on the
stage select screen.  Push DOWN on the control stick to highlight the Handicap
option, and push A.

This guide assumes you've purchased ALL the handicaps from Anko's shop.
You have three points worth of handicaps to use.
From the top, the handicaps are:

Attack power up (25%)           - 1 point
Attack power up (50%)           - 2 points
Unlimited Chakra                - 3 points
Super move power 50% up         - 1 point
Hit opponent and regain health  - 2 points
Energy 50% up                   - 2 points
Energy 100% up                  - 3 points
Become stronger when hit        - 2 points
Constantly regain health        - 3 points
Block supers                    - 1 point
Opponent slowly loses health    - 3 points
Opponent's attack down (50%)    - 2 points
Opponent's Chakra recovery down - 2 points

Version History

v0.1 - 11/20/2004 - Just got the game and did this in about 10 minutes. Time to

v0.5 - 11/22/2004 - Unlocked all the extra menu options and modes, the menu
part of the guide is complete.

V1.0 - 12/6/2004 - Correct d a couple minor typos, added the multiplayer
handicaps.  Guide seems to be done.