I’ve decided to revive my site, in the hopes to do a little bit of writing again, basically making myself a necromancer. Wordpress has fallen from grace, and Ghost has taken its place, as Ghost feels like a better match for my needs.

Ghost is not the full-fledged CMS Wordpress has grown into, which is good! Instead, it has a more minimalist approach, with a focus on writing, and little else. The focus shows. The editor makes use of Markdown and is stripped down to the bare essentials. The only extras it appears to have is a Hemingway mode (no backspace) and a spellcheck. Uploading images is supported, but finding uploaded images might prove difficult if your memory is bad.

Compared to Wordpress, Ghost feels lightning fast. The asynchronous nature of Node.js really makes it shine out-of-the-box. With my Wordpress install, I spent copious amounts of time tuning Apache and Wordpress to load quickly. I spent none of that after setting up Ghost. Though, it being in my nature to tune the ever living daylight out of things, I will probably find ways to speed up page delivery here as well.

Setting up Ghost was a breeze. I decided on using Docker, after finding out a Ghost image was readily available. Setting everything up took minutes, not hours. Kudos to the Docker Community for the awesome work here!

Docker compose YAML file, for future reference:

version: '3.1'

    image: ghost:alpine
    container_name: eelco-eng
    restart: always
      url: https://eng.eelcowesemann.nl
      - /var/home/eelco/GHOST/eng:/var/lib/ghost/content