Notes: Preparing for RHCSA & RHCE 1



Supported tools:

  • MBR disks: fdisk
  • GPT disks: gdisk

To force the Red Hat installer to use GPT, add inst.gpt to the kernel commandline.

Don’t convert MBR partitions of a boot-disk to GPT, grub2 will fail to locate stage2 of the boot image.

KB: base-10 (1000x1000) KiB: base-2 (1024x1024)


  • fdisk saves partition info in MBR => first 512 bytes of disk


  • GUID disk identifier
  • gdisk saves partition metadata in first MB and a backup in last MB
  • 128 possible partition entries
  • Shows 2048 sector boundaries => optimal 1MiB rounding for optimal performance

Update kernel partition info

  • partprobe
  • partition size adjustments: reboot
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