Version 0.4

October 26, 2005

After too long of an away time, I’ve finally had some time to do some more coding.

  • Streamlined the code based on input given by Steven Lynn. Fewer queries are now used to do the same thing. Thanks!
  • New feature: keywords checking; referrers are now matched to keywords given by the site admin. If a match occurs, the client will be blocked. (For myself this feature has already proven to be very, very effective)
  • First start of an admin area for PHPrbl, for now, only the ability to add and removed keywords is present. Whitelisting and local IP blocklist management will be added soon.

Version 0.3.1

May 17th 2005

  • Fixed bug: If prechecking was enabled, it would only check against the local database and skip the DNS lookups if no positives were detected. This allowed IP addresses not in the database to access the site and still leave false referrers.

Version 0.3

May 16th 2005

  • Prechecking using the data in MySQL, no more DNS lookups when it’s not needed
  • Fix of bug, discovered by Steven Lynn, that could result in false positives.

Version 0.2

May 10th 2005

  • Logging of the last referrer given by an IP
  • Rewrite of logging to MySQL which implies: - Previous gathered data is useless
  • IP addresses are now unique in database
  • Hits of IP addresses in the same row
  • Logging of the given referrer for review
  • Added exit code telling the site is protected by PHPrbl

Version 0.1

May 5th 2005

  • Initial release.