Top 5 GNU/Linux editors for 2018

  1. vim
  2. vim
  3. vim
  4. vim
  5. vim
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I’ve decided to revive my site, in the hopes to do a little bit of writing again, basically making myself a necromancer. Wordpress has fallen from grace, and Ghost has taken its place, as Ghost feels like a better match for my needs.
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Puppet Enterprise 3.3, jfryman/nginx SERVER: Invalid parameter ensure on Concat

If you ever encounter the follwing error on Puppet Enterprise 3.3, using the nginx 0.0.10 module by jfryman:
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Spare time in IT

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XenServer: Unable to find partition containing kernel

One of our users at Loeniks managed to break his Debian VM. After upgrading to Debian 6, he tried upgrading his bootloader to Grub 2. XenServer’s paravirtualized bootloader (pygrub) is unable to handle the newest version of the Grub bootloader in virtual machines, this results in a nice and cryptic error message:
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