Todo list

  • Add whitelisting functionality.
  • Add more administrative possibilities.
  • Find a bigger list of RBL services that list open proxies. SORBS was nice, but it also lists dynamic IP ranges. We’d be blocking too big an audience if we used it.
  • The logging to MySQL can definitely be rewritten to be more eficcient and more modular, so you can add your own RBL service without needing to rewrite stuff. Done in version 0.2
  • If logging to MySQL is enabled, use the timestamp as a ‘lastseen’ option allowing us to block the IP address even before we do the DNS lookup. This could speed things up, especially on servers that have DNS lookup problems. Done in version 0.3
  • (create own RBL list, to block some IP addresses that are not listed as open proxies, when bored on a rainy afternoon) Had plenty of afternoons to do this now.