Haproxy Cloud Native Logging

Recently, HAProxy 1.9 was released to the public. One of the enhancements this release has had, is to the way it logs: HAProxy is now able to log to stdout and stderr. Logging to stdout or stderr is important for container environments, like Docker.
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HAProxy: routing HTTP requests by domain name

Recently, I have been looking into HAProxy as an alternative load balancer to NGINX. NGINX’ free version lacks features vital to a multi-container environment. The most important features we need are upstream health checks and sticky sessions.
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HAProxy inside Docker: getting the logs

The official HAProxy docker image does not really offer an out-of-the-box way to get to HAProxy’s logs other than sending it to a remote log server. Sending log messages to stdout/stderr so you can view the logs with docker logs does not appear to be possible with HAProxy.
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Top 5 GNU/Linux editors for 2018

  1. vim
  2. vim
  3. vim
  4. vim
  5. vim
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XenServer: Unable to find partition containing kernel

One of our users at Loeniks managed to break his Debian VM. After upgrading to Debian 6, he tried upgrading his bootloader to Grub 2. XenServer’s paravirtualized bootloader (pygrub) is unable to handle the newest version of the Grub bootloader in virtual machines, this results in a nice and cryptic error message:
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